Thursday, December 17, 2009

collage on "The Sun Parlor"

I chose to do my collage on the story "The Sun Parlor". There are different tones in this story. There is happy, sad, relieved, frustrated, and forgiving. I chose my pictures based on these tones.
"The Sun Parlor" is about two sister's, West and Sis. West lives at home and Sis visits on her breaks from school. West is the older sister. West decides to paint and rearrange the sun parlor. After some time, she finishes it, and a couple weeks later, Sis comes home on her break. Sis never stops to do anything, except that she noticed the sun parlor. West wouldn't let her go in it because West didn't want her to rune it. After Sis leaves, West's aunt comes to visit. On her visit, she becomes sick. They have her sleep in the parlor because she can't walk up the stairs. After she dies, West decides to lock up the parlor because there is too much sadness inside it.
The sad pictures represent when West chose to lock up the sun parlor after her aunt died.
The happy pictures represent when West's aunt came over. The aunt was West's favorite aunt.
West was frustrated when Sis came home for break because West had just gotten the sun parlor done and Sis, never stops for anything, noticed it.
West was relieved when Sis went to go play outside.
The hyper picture and the running picture represents Sis because she never stops to see, talk, or listen to anyone.
At the end of the story, West and Sis are older and West asks Sis if she could answer just one question. West is sad and forgiving even though Sis never answered her question.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tarantula Spider or Digger Wasp

If you are not fascinated by either the spider or the wasp, why? What characteristics or traits cause you disinterest in that species?

I don't like spiders, let alone a tarantula, because they creep me out. Their long, hairy legs and bodies are gross. I hate mostly all insects and bugs. They may not be able to move fast, but they can make webs that are sticky and disgusting. Even though the tarantula spider is harmful to humans, I would still run if I saw one.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Most Challenging

What is the most challenging thing you have ever had to do? Why was it challenging, and were you successful?

The most challenging thing that I have ever had to do would probably have to be moving to Black Creek my 6th grade year. Moving to Black Creek was chllenging because I had to leave all my friends behind and go to a new school. I was successful because I made new friends adjusted very quickly.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who inspires me

Think of one person who has inspired you at some point in your life. How has that person inspired you? Be sure to include specific examples that show the impact that person has had on your life.

Since I have been little, my parents have inspired my to play sports. They are always at my games cheering me on and supporting me no matter if we are winning or losing.