Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogs you should consider adding to your blog roll

I think this blog is a good blog for students and classes to add to their blog roll because it's popular, organized, and a variety of things to look at and read.

This blog is very interesting. He reads other people's blogs and then blogs about them.

This person's blog has a LOT to read and a variety of things to read. It is organized and it even has a game for you to play!

This girls blog is a good blog for people to add to their blog roll because she is a little older and could help you with things about college or sports. It has a lot of reading, but you might learn a thing or two.

This blog has all the challenges labled in her titles and is well organized. The colors don't hurt your eyes when you read the blogs. She also has an ipod playing a song in the background.

I'm a part of an international blogging challenge. Click here to check out this weeks challenge.

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  1. Hi Jaymie,

    I stopped by to visit your blog as part of the Edublogger name is Mrs. Streen and I am a high school librarian in Cleveland.

    You did a great job setting up your blog - the blue font works nicely with the darkly colored background. I think this post is just great. Your links to the blogs and the comments you wrote mesh together nicely.

    I hope you are enjoying being a part of the Challenge - getting a chance to read blog posts from other students and writing your own posts - thanks for participating.

    Mrs. Streen :)